Indigo Mood

Indigo Mood
73 W. Spring Street, Suite B
Port Austin, MI 48467
(989) 252-7931



Apparel, Accessories, and Gifts

Hours of Operation

Saturday: 9 am-5 pm

Sunday: 10 am-3 pm




Free Delivery For Huron County Orders

Allow 5 Business Days




indigo mood front

One block west of the intersection on West Spring Street,
AFTER you pass the ice cream shop.


indigo mood interior

Hats, Shoes, Handbags, Scarves

Naked Bee Products

Spooner Creek Ceramics


indigo mood interior

Garden Accessories in the back room


indigo mood interior

Ladies Apparel
Appealing to teens and mature women in all sizes and styles


indigo mood interior

“Love your Style” with a large selection of styles to choose from


indigo mood interior

Jewelry, Hats, and More!